Oregon Food

The state of Oregon has a wide variety of different culinary traditions developing. With the open-minded attitude of Portland locals, there’s a lot of vegetarian and vegan dishes going around, as well as gluten-free, Paleo and more. As a result, the culinary schools in Oregon are beginning to embrace these changes in the local food industry. Instructors at culinary institutes all over the state are teaching about how to prepare food according to these diets.

Schools like the Oregon Culinary Institute at Pioneer Pacific College and Robert Reynolds Chef’s Studio have updated their curriculum to include the more health-conscious dishes that have become so popular in recent years. These two programs have been praised from alumni for being excellent foundations for having diverse cooking skills.

At the Oregon Culinary Institute, a culinary arts diploma is comprised of 49 credits on subjects ranging from Cooking Methods & Flavor Essentials to Culinary Artistry to Food Ethics & Social Responsibility. As the most talked about culinary institute in the state, the Oregon Culinary Institute is a fine choice.

There are many other quality options to choose from. Western Culinary Institute – Le Cordon Bleu Academy of Portland, and Portland Community College all also offer very good fully accredited culinary programs. Oregon is a fantastic place to live in general. It’s ideal for outdoorsman, as there is plenty of natural landscape to explore. If you’re looking for somewhere to attend culinary school, then Oregon is a great choice.